Your driveway is a crucial part of your outside area. Since it is the first thing people see, it should always look put together and match the rest of your house. 

Aside from looks, it has to be the most durable thing next to garages because it is an extension of the heavily traveled area.

Are you looking to make a change in your driveway? You’ve got options and various materials for your concrete driveways! Here are the critical four, each with its unique sub-choices. 

We gather these most recommended solutions by driveway resurfacing Dallas professionals to help you find one that best suits your needs.

Four Experts Recommend Driveway Resurfacing Options

These options are doable and readily available from your local concrete floor contractors. It is best to contact someone near you and look at your options.

1- Stamp

Stamping after concrete driveway resurfacing is the top choice for decorative concrete. This is because stamped concrete driveway offers eclectic options for natural-looking designs, plus it’s also quick to install, strong, and affordable.With concrete stamps, you can create different designs like:

  • Brick designs: herringbone and European fan
  • Natural stones: flagstones, cobbles, slates
  • Wood or wood pwelanks pattern (highly sought after for modern homes!)
Stamped concrete driveway with brown stain


After stamping, scoring, or making random embossed patterns, staining concrete is the second best thing you can do to it. 

People love a splash of color; a colored floor is a great way to tie a room’s theme together.

A stained concrete driveway is more durable than paint because the stain cures chemically on the surface and won’t flake off or break like some other colorings. 

On top of that, you can use clear driveway concrete coatings to protect it even more.

Gray stained concrete driveway with black car parked

3- Classic Texture

Some people might want something other than loud designs for their driveways but want to add textures. 

You might be one of those who want a light touch. This will also make your driveway safer because it will be less slippery.

There are three most common options to add texture to your concrete:

Broom Finish

Broom finish is the most simple and subtle texture for your concrete since it only requires lightly brushing a broom consistently in a straight line.

Rock Salt Finish

It’s done by troweling rock salt on the surface of fresh concrete. After letting the concrete set, you must wash the salt away with a stream of water and then apply concrete driveway coatings.

Aggregates Finish, or "Salt And Pepper" Finish

You can resurface concrete driveway with aggregates and cement. After installing new, coarse concrete, you will need to sandblast it and use a concrete retarder and coating. Aside from the driveway, this is also perfect for pool decks.

classic textured residential driveway

4- Bricks

People used to make pavers from clay bricks, but now they use concrete pavers, blocks, or slabs. It costs less than clay bricks and lasts longer too.

Use concrete pavers or blocks if you have the money and want good quality.

Brick driveway in front of a mansion

Know What's Best

The best way to know what’s best for you is to ask concrete driveway contractors. You should find local decorative concrete experts that can help you. 

For instance, driveway repair Dallas experts are always here to help you achieve that dream Dallas concrete driveway.

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