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4 Stamped Concrete Ideas For the Kitchen in 2019

Most homeowners will simply put up with whatever flooring material came with their kitchen, but serious homeowners go for concrete in the kitchen. Not only are concrete floors durable, customizable, stain-resistant, allergen-reducing, and cost-effective, but they’re also sanitary. And for people who enjoy cooking at home, sanitation and cleanliness in the kitchen is a must. But just because it’s concrete does not mean you don’t get to have fun with it. Stamped concrete allows [...]


Transform Your Pool Area into an Outdoor Sanctuary

  The winter season hasn’t gone so you can’t dip into your pool just yet. However, while you’re still huddled indoors, now is the time to think about pool deck renovations. After a long cold season, your pool deck needs all the love and attention it deserves. Imagine getting your pool ready just in time for summer solstice? Here are some ideas on how to transform your pool area into an outdoor sanctuary. Jazz [...]


Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Over Polished Concrete

Epoxy flooring is the obvious choice when it comes to industrial and commercial floors. When it comes to residential areas, however, polished concrete is usually the option of homeowners who want high-shine floors. This seems to be changing as the popularity of epoxy floors makes its way into living spaces. Initially, epoxy became increasingly popular as a garage and basement flooring material. As designers and homeowners recognize the versatility of epoxy, the realization that [...]


How Decorative Concrete Can Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

When it comes to building a home, concrete is a popular material to use. It is durable, timeless, and highly versatile. Today, sustainability is such a big word in the construction industry. Fortunately, concrete is also a sustainable material. It is eco-friendly regardless of what stage or form it is in: pre-production, demolished, plain, or decorative concrete. One highlight is how energy-efficient it is. Homeowners will surely love this noteworthy feature of concrete. Thermal [...]