You may be in a time right now where the interior floors in your home begin to wear out of their sheen or look outdated. 

Rainy seasons, for one, bring in the mud or damp dirt on the steps at home. You think of a quick fix, refinishing maybe, but have you heard of stained concrete interior floors

What you might see as a high-end interior decorative concrete application may be a good option for your practical flooring fixes.

Cream colored stained interior floor

What Is Staining

What is staining exactly? This stain is not the one that messes with your floors. Instead, the staining that we’re talking about here is the ones that decor the concrete surfaces.

Stained concrete is one of, if not the oldest, applications for decorative concrete floors. Take a look back on medieval mansions or victorian-era chateau. The massive floors sure looked gleaming with finesse. As one steps on them, the polished floor exudes simple elegance.

With concrete being the main ingredient for building interior floors back in the day, many of these structures last decades and even a lifetime.

Moreover, the floors take up a lot of space among interiors. So, imagine if the floors got thin cracks on specific spots. As an owner, you will not bother to change the flooring that the old days did to wax the floors. 

Applying wax on the floors to make them look new and glossy gave birth to the idea of staining the concrete floors.

Two Types Of Staining

Water-Based Staining

Colored concrete

As it suggests, the carrier of the stain or the coloring agent is water. With this process, the stained patterns look warm, deep, and vibrant compared to acid-stained.

Acid-Based Staining

interior floor dallas

It uses an acid solution to carry the staining agent on the concrete. In contrast, the acid creates a washed effect. The stained patterns make cloudy or hazy smudges of light stain on the concrete.

Benefits of Acid Stain on Interior Flooring

There is nowhere else the stained concrete would fit than the interiors. Below are the many benefits of stained concrete in your homes.

  • Using stained concrete is practical for homes, especially removing messy stains due to dirt, chemicals, and many more.
  • Staining makes the kitchen floors look nice and clean, even if food stains get stuck for a long time.
  • It is low-cost and will give the floors a quick and permanent fix if they look damaged and outdated.
  • The stained concrete is best known for its rustic feel giving the floors a vintage look. 
  • If you have massive flooring to clean or repair, staining is the suitable solution that makes the surface look polished and clean.
  • Acid stained concrete cost per square foot is lower than that of other decorative concretes.
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