Have you ever noticed how quickly traditional garage floor surfaces deteriorate under the stress of daily use? From oil spills to tire marks, concrete floors can quickly become a patchwork of stains and cracks, detracting from the overall appearance and functionality of your garage. Not to mention the hassle and expense of constant repairs and maintenance.

Many homeowners in Dallas, TX, face similar challenges when it comes to maintaining their garage flooring. But fret not, because there’s a solution that promises to revolutionize the way you think about garage floors – Epoxy Flooring.

Work with an expert epoxy floor Dallas company now, and transform those dull and boring concrete surfaces into a interesting, new ones!

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Advantages Of An Epoxy Floor Coating System

Many customers, designers, contractors and property owners highly recommend epoxy for resurfacing concrete floors for very good reasons, such as:

Strength And Durability

Once epoxy coatings cure and harden, they become a durable and glossy surface that offers protection against wear, making them perfect for warehouse and garage floors. Dallas epoxy flooring is so slip-resistant and aesthetically pleasing that it prevents chemical breakdowns.


Because this coating is non-porous, it does not absorb moisture or dirt, making the seamless surface easier to clean and maintain.

Visually Appealing

Epoxy coating comes in a variety of colors. It can also be customized further by broadcasting micro paint chips on the base layer and topping it off with another layer to keep the chips in place. The result is a granite-like surface. Another design idea is to use metallic tints in epoxy. But even plain-colored epoxy provides a polished look finish.


Epoxy floorings are very resistant to most damages. It remains intact even when exposed to potent chemicals. It is resistant to extreme temperatures, impact, and abrasion, too. This reduces unnecessary repairs in concrete floors. 

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Epoxy Floor Costs, What You Need to Know

In the Dallas, TX area, a professionally installed epoxy flooring often costs between $3 to $12 per square foot. The actual costs would depend on what type of epoxy is used, how many coats are applied, and the labor involved. 

Additional customizations, like paint chips, score lines, or expansion joints, may also incur additional charges. It is important to get an accurate quote from a reliable contractor before hiring a pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On average, homeowners pay around $2,203 to epoxy coat an existing concrete floor. Specifically, you will be charged about $2 to $5 per square foot for materials and equipment alone. Moreover, for labor, expect to pay a professional installer another $1 to $7 per square foot.

Yes. Use of epoxy in homes is extremely safe. Epoxy is a very safe coating for hard floors commonly used in residential, commercial and industrials properties.

Just like other flooring types, an epoxy floor has its own disadvantages:

  1. Emits strong toxic fumes during installation.
  2. Takes a long time to harden — around 16 hours.
  3. May incur cracks and chips on high impact areas.
  4. Can be very slippery when wet.
  5. The process of installation is tedious.
  6. Its maintenance can be costly.

Epoxy floors are tough to scratch, dent, or damage. In fact, not only can it sustain heavy traffic and heavy loads, but it can also endure high impact. Its durability is tested through time, hence, it is dubbed the “King of Floors.”

The overall cost of the project will, of course, be influenced by the size of the area to be covered as well as the thickness of the floor system. When it comes to converting the price of epoxy flooring materials plus labor into a cost per square foot, economies of scale eventually come into play as the project size increases – in other words, the larger the floor area, the higher the total price of the project, and the lower the cost per square foot.

However, like with many other types of construction, economies of scale tend to be most significant on very large commercial, industrial, or institutional projects because the initial organization of material and labor is generally approximately the same whether a floor is 500 sq.ft. or 1,500 sq.ft.

Yes, epoxy flooring is worth the cost. The total cost will be determined by a variety of criteria, including the square footage, color, and whether or not the concrete needs to be repaired before the epoxy is placed. According to HomeAdvisor.com, the average homeowner spends between $1,100 and $2,400 on epoxy floor coating.

While the price is high, it is still worth it.

10 to 20 years.

Epoxy flooring normally lasts 10 to 20 years, but with regular maintenance and touch-ups, they can last even longer. When the time comes to replace your floor, there will be no need for the removal or disposal of your old flooring.

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