The holidays reminded you of things fun and bright. It is not often that you appreciate festive things such as designs that remind you of the holidays.

The new year just passed, and some might still have the hangover of the past months’ celebrations.

Christmas tree and white carpet in front of fireplace

You want to do something at your home to remind you of the holidays and tone it down to match any season of the year. 

Interior designs best begin with retouching your residential flooring Dallas.

Flooring Ideas To Remind You Of The Holidays

You can create ways to add a festive look to your homes, from the interiors to the exteriors. In today’s read, decorative concrete of Texas give you tip designs and materials you can add to your concrete floors and in every part of the house.

1- Carpeting

White carpet in front of fireplace

Carpets are easy to set up on the floor. Some carpets look thick and heavy, and some come in a thin and lightweight feel.

But the overall effect of carpets in your homes is the warm and cozy feel.

Adding a rug would remind you of the holidays, and it does not have to come in loud and shimmering colors to remind you of Christmas, you can use neutral colors or subtle shades of moss green and beige.

Carpets also help you to protect the concrete floors from abrasion.

You can still have guests even after the holidays season, the carpets would also help protect the flooring surface from heavy foot traffic and minimize wear and tear.

Here are some types of carpeting to add warmth and coziness inside the homes

  • Wool carpet
  • Berber mat
  • Cork mats
  • Runner carpets

2- Choosing Timeless Colors

Colorful patio

When you still feel the holidays or if you feel like being festive any time of the year, you can design the floors with colors not too bright but not too dull.

Earlier, you figured out choosing a flooring material to add warmth to your homes to remind you of your loved ones and get together with the family.

Now choose something that visually appeals to you and reminds you of the warm and cozy seasons.

Use the principle of colors. 2022 just ushered into another year to look forward to. The year’s color theme is also something you should be looking into.

Panton’s color of the year would bring you memories of the holidays.

Periwinkle comes in a shade of purple with a deep, subdued tone, and it is not as loud as stirring as purple. It looks cool but warm at the same time, just like your holiday blues.

You can add mats and rugs in the shade of periwinkle or fur rugs to design the corner of the concrete floor. That shade of color looks great on grey slabs as well.

3- Outdoor Floor Paints And Stains

After the holiday season, you will notice minor marks on the outdoor floors.

There may be a stain on the patio from food spills that had occurred on a thanksgiving barbecue or at the last new year’s party.

One way to keep the celebrations’ lively mood is to restore beauty even with your outdoor floors.

Do not leave yourself feeling groggy or lazy to fix the tiny flaws the holiday left in your properties.

Repolishing the outdoor floors would be a good exercise for you too.

It would give you a fresh outlook once you worked a little on the exterior concrete and, at the same time, spend the first week of the year getting pumped up and active!

If the stain or damage is too severe, there is nothing wrong with enlisting the assistance of concrete resurfacing Dallas TX professionals.

4- Artificial Accents

Look around your properties, and you probably have those artificial snow still lying around. It could be in your front step, together with the welcome mat, or at the foot of the windows still inside your living room.

Some of it may also be adorning the edge of the patio.

The good thing is that you do not have to put them away as the holiday end, and you can keep them as long as winter persists.

You can add plant pots around it or use them as the accent to the vases or plant pits and pools inside your home to add a detail of white that would make you remember snow.

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