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The garage flooring Dallas needs absolute protection. Though it doesn’t receive as much attention as other areas in your properties do, somehow, you still need to keep it in shape and make it last. The good news is that there are many garage floor coatings Dallas you can choose to offer lasting protection to the concrete surfaces in your properties.

Even though you won’t look at this part of your home often, you can still provide cost-efficient maintenance for it.

Hard-working spaces need hardcore coverings. Browse today’s list as you discover five concrete garage floor coatings. This is in no particular order so take your pick as you read through the end.

5 Trending Coatings for Your Garage

1- Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy floors are superior! It has many beneficial features. It offers a wide array of customizable flooring designs and a 3x durability to concrete. It’s also known for fast- curing action, making it ideal for action-packed floors.

Epoxy is great for DIY flooring, too! You can add chip paints, flakes, metallic additives while you pour and apply the coating. The result is innovative, dynamic patterns, turning a dull, boring space into a lively, ready for action man-cave.

2- Garage Tiles

Interlocking garage floor tiles are practical materials. They come in pieces that you can assemble on the concrete surface. This is your floor coating option if your number one consideration is your budget.

The tiles can cover up small and severe damages on the floors. When you need instant protection for your garages while saving your budget, you can avail of this one. On top of it, you won’t need an expert installer. You can assemble the tiles on your own. And, they are easy to clean and maintain, too.

3- Concrete Resurfacing Coatings

Concrete coatings are an efficient and economical material for covering up damages on concrete floors. Concrete mix, like cement, granite, aggregates, and sand, is used.

These are the materials preferred for sealing, concrete filling, and patching. Resurfacing is easy. You can DIY or ask the help of professional concrete contractors.

When you go for this coating method, specialized tools and items are necessary. And also, take note that concrete polishing treats the resurfaced concrete as the finishing step in this application.

4- Garage Floor Paint

Amidst the most innovative floor coatings surfacing in the market today, floor paint is still the go-to fix most prefer. Why? Well, paints are easy to acquire. And always available in your local construction supplies. They are very user-friendly. You can do it yourself, and finish in a day. You only need easy to find tools and items for working with paint.

However, paints are not that durable compared to other innovative floorings. You need to re-apply paints over and over again. So, consider some factors when choosing paints. If you are a garage owner who needs constant upkeep and redesigning, a permanent, durable floor coating might not be for you. So pick the paints.

5- Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating

The one-day coating, known initially as the polyurea-polyaspartic coating, is the most recent innovation among flooring industries. Yes! You got that right! It is a coating process or application that finishes in just a day! You might have heard of epoxy.

But, wait till you see and use polyurea coating! If you are not particular about custom designs and loves a monolithic look, this is for you.

It also got more upgrades to it! It is more flexible than epoxy. Why? Unlike epoxy, the 1-day coating is perfect for garage surfaces because it can overcome extreme heat. It will not become brittle. So epoxy’s limitations are solved with polyaspartic coatings.

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