Most homeowners will simply put up with whatever flooring material came with their kitchen, but serious homeowners go for concrete in the kitchen. Not only are concrete floors durable, customizable, stain-resistant, allergen-reducing, and cost-effective, but they’re also sanitary. And for people who enjoy cooking at home, sanitation and cleanliness in the kitchen is a must.

But just because it’s concrete does not mean you don’t get to have fun with it. Stamped concrete allows for freedom in variety and customization that may surprise most people who are used to the grey industrial look of concrete floors.

For kitchens, here are the best stamped concrete ideas of 2019:

#1 “Stone” Floors

For people who aren’t familiar with concrete floors, it may surprise them to learn that most “stone” floors that are surprisingly durable and long-lasting are actually concrete floors that have been stamped to mimic stone.

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Because of its cost-efficiency and ease of installation, faux stone floors are often a better choice than actual stone floors. You can also choose from a wide array of stone types. For kitchens, we particularly love the look of faux travertine that has been stained to a dark grey color to create a sleek modern look in the kitchen. 

#2 “Wood” Floors

Stamped concrete in the design of wood is popular among many homeowners. Not only is it cheaper than actual wooden floors, but it ensures durability, longevity, and stain-resistance. 

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For a modern look in the kitchen, however, you will want to avoid dark or overly reddish-brown wood. Opt instead to mimic light wood such as beech and ash. Both the colors of these types of wood as well as the unique grooving can be imitated perfectly with stamped concrete. 

#3 Tiled Floors

There are two routes you can go with using stamped concrete to create tiled floors in your kitchen. The first is to mimic traditional tile that is shiny and light in color. 

dallas stamped concrete

The other route to go would be to show off the industrial-chic quality of concrete and simply stamp it into “tiles” without covering up the color. Simply apply a sealer after and decorate the rest of the kitchen to match your minimalist concrete “tiles”. Apply a high-grade polish for a sleek look,

#4 Textured Floors

If you’re worried about the smooth surface of concrete floors that may be slippery for small children, consider applying a texture with stamped concrete.

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Choose a small scale pattern that will press indents into the concrete to allow for traction. The pattern can be geometric to create a modern look, or can also be an abstract pattern that can be pre-planned with the contractor.