Hot-tire pickup is a common concrete driveway issue where sealer gets stuck to the tires of a car. Most people think that the reason this happens is that the tire gets too hot that it melts the sealer and causes it to stick to the tire. Although the creation of tire marks does involve heat, it is important to note that the sealers do not melt from a hot tire. Here is a more in-depth look at what’s really cause tire marks.

concrete driveway dallasHot-tire Pickup Explained

When parked, a car’s tires are cool to the touch. As it runs on a street in normal speed, the temperature of the tire rubber increases. The heat causes the rubber to slightly expand. When the car stops and the tires start to cool down, it shrinks back to size again. This shrinking is what makes the sealer pull off of the concrete driveway, not the heat. The pickup actually happens when the temperature goes down and the tire contracts to its normal size.

Factors that Induce the Occurrence of Tire Marks

Aside from the fact that the tire contracts as it cools down, there are other factors that allow hot-tire pickup to happen.

Sealer Type

The occurrence of tire marks is also dependent on the type of sealer used on the concrete driveway. Acrylic-type sealers are more likely to get picked up by a shrinking rubber tire. Highly cross-linked sealers, whose polymer chains bonds among themselves, is resistant to hot-tire pickup. The only drawback is that the resistant sealers are not designed for outdoor use. It discolors when exposed to UV rays. Therefore, only acrylic sealers can be used outdoors.

Sealer Adhesion

How well the sealer adheres also plays a huge role in the creation of tire marks. One factor that could affect adhesion is the concrete slab. If it is not well-prepared, any issue that could be present on the slab may affect how the sealer bonds. Proper sealer installation will also enhance how well the sealer bonds to the driveway.

It is highly recommended to prepare the concrete driveway thoroughly before installing the sealer on top. If possible, use only one layer of sealer to keep it intact. Consult a licensed concrete driveway contractor to know which type of concrete sealer would work best on your surface and the type of climate in Dallas, TX.